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USA Football offers a wide variety of professional development options. These include certification pathways as well as stand-alone courses to enhance your football knowledge and skills.

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Concussions are one of the most widely discussed but least understood issues among the millions of young athletes actively engaged in sports across the United States. We are proud to partner with TeachAids, a nonprofit leader in global education innovation, to distribute free state-of-the-art concussion education to the entire USA Football family. Read More

USA Football and the Positive Coaching Alliance team up to help coaches improve their communication skills when interacting with players, parents, officials and fellow coaches. Alongside chapter sections highlighting each of these areas are appearances by Northwestern University head coach Pat Fitzgerald, University of Texas head coach Tom Herman, NCAA vice president and former University of West Virginia athletic director Oliver Luck and Green Bay Packers CEO Mark Murphy, each of which share their experiences and advice. Read More

Led by former NFL head coach and Pro Football Hall of Famer Tony Dungy and Tampa (Fla.) Plant High School head coach Rob Weiner, winner of multiple Florida state championships, this course teaches high school coaches how to better plan their practices to reduce unnecessary contact while enhancing skill development. This course will help coaches maximize teaching while minimizing the amount of player-on-player drills that are needed to instill proper fundamentals. Read More

Learn the key rules and strategies for this small-sided game designed for younger, less experienced players. This free course is recommended for all youth coaches and officials who will be part of this program, which will serve as many players' first introduction to tackle football. Read More

Led by Parisi Speed School CEO and founder Bill Parisi, through these three courses, you will learn how to progressively build the movement techniques required for athletes to properly warm up to maximize performance and lessen the chance for injury. We also will discuss how players can accelerate and change directions at peak performance. We hope you enjoy these courses. Take them and insert them into your in-season practice plans as well as your offseason workouts. Read More

Chris and Mike Golic share their experience raising two football players to help today’s parents. Narrated by Chris the course discusses why football is a great option for kids to play, the benefits of being active, the role of a football parent, goal setting, and developing positive relationships with coaches, officials and other players. Chris and Mike also tell anecdotes from their parenting days, highlighting the fun of football and sharing some of the mistakes they made along the way so that it may address some of your questions and benefit you. Read More

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