Youth Football Parents 101

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Chris and Mike Golic share their experience raising two football players to help today’s parents. Narrated by Chris the course discusses why football is a great option for kids to play, the benefits of being active, the role of a football parent, goal setting, and developing positive relationships with coaches, officials and other players.

Chris and Mike also tell anecdotes from their parenting days, highlighting the fun of football and sharing some of the mistakes they made along the way so that it may address some of your questions and benefit you.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate completion:Youth Football Parents 101

Youth Football Parents 101
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Added 24 minutes ago, by Lucius
Very informative course. A must for parents, who have kids playing sports.
Added 7 days ago, by William
Added 7 days ago, by Winston
Great course! Touches on some very profound principals and aspects of the game and on life!
Added 15 days ago, by Jose Luis
Added 18 days ago, by Luke
Added 20 days ago, by Michelle
Added 21 days ago, by Jujuan
Added 21 days ago, by Angelo
Added 24 days ago, by Brad
Excellent course; every informative.
Added 30 days ago, by Leonard

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